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Political almajiris seeking unavailable lifeline, Olayinka slams those calling for Fayose’s suspension from PDP

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A chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Lere Olayinka, has described those calling for the suspension of former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, from the party as “a group of political almajiris who are only seeking an unavailable lifeline.”

Reacting to call for the suspension of Fayose and his political associates from the PDP by some people who claimed to be speaking for the party in Ekiti State, Olayinka said it was funny that some people were yet to come to terms with the fact that elections are over and there will be no free money anytime soon.

He said “If not for the possibility of a mad man causing public nuisance with the corpse of his mother if he is allowed to do whatever he likes with the corpse, I would have ignored those people whose horizon is not beyond noise making to attract the usual political Kobo Kobo. However, it has become necessary to let them know that their period of harvest has ended and they need to look for something else to do.”

The PDP House of Representatives candidate for Ekiti Central Federal Constituency two in the last National Assembly election, asked; “if the PDP remained as it is as of today, is there anything left in the party for anyone to struggle for in Ekiti and at the federal level?”

He said “The PDP of today is a party that should be going to people’s houses to beg them to return to active participation in the party. It is a party that has lost its political steam and those presently controlling it should begin the shedding of their garments of arrogance so that the party can be prevented from total collapse.

“It is either the political almajiris in Ekiti, who have never won any election without Fayose are yet to realize that unlike before, no one is struggling to be member of the PDP or they are just playing to the gallery so that their political ATM can make available the usual crumbs.

“Most importantly, when Fayose was suspended in March, didn’t the same body who pronounced the suspension nullify it seven days after? Did anyone beg for the lifting of the suspension then?”

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