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No case of kidnapping on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway – Police

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The Divisional Police Officer of Warewa Command in Ogun State, Abdulfathi Ogunsanya, has refuted claims that some persons were kidnapped along the Kara axis on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

A Facebook user, Obaleye Gbenga, on Tuesday claimed that a family in his church was saved from kidnappers.

He wrote, “Please be careful at Kara. The Fulanis had been kidnapping people. God had just saved a family in our church now. Please, don’t start rushing home from camp. Let it be like 7:30 am.”

But in a phone call with our correspondent, Ogunsanya noted that he received a report of stealing from a man and that some persons were led into the bush.

Speaking to The PUNCH, he said, “From the information I got, that cannot take place at the Long Bridge. He said they were led into the bush. There’s no way you can be led into a bush unless they throw you down from the Long Bridge.

“Nothing like that happened in my place. Meanwhile, the person said he and his wife escaped, pretending to be part of the kidnappers who were masked. Were he and his wife masked too before escaping from them?

“The questionnaire asked if there was any firing, and they said no firing. So they sent me a message that those things do not correlate with what the man is postulating. But for me, as DPO here, I never heard that.

“And we’ve combed that area to get those people committing the act of stealing but nothing like that. I’m still going back to the Bridge now to continue. So as for kidnapping, no case of kidnapping is reported here. Nothing like that happened in my area.”

Insisting that there were no kidnapping cases, he added, “We’ve been there. We have combed the place earlier. The CP called me, the PPRO called me, and I gave them the same word that I told you. Nothing like that.”

When filing this report, the DPO noted that he and his men were going back to comb the area.


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