Home Politics Lagos APC disrupting INEC registration, destroying out bill boards, signs they are jittery: Lagos PDP

Lagos APC disrupting INEC registration, destroying out bill boards, signs they are jittery: Lagos PDP

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Recent disruption of INEC voters’ registrations centres by thugs loyal to the All Progressives Congress – APC party calls for concern and the leadership of our party, Peoples Democratic Party – PDP in Lagos state would like to call the attention of the electoral body, INEC, commissioner of police and the Inspector General of Police and the Presidency to the ugly incidents in Lagos.

These incidences started as threat to individuals who are perceived not to share the idea of the party by thugs at the various registration centres. Their choice target of youths and individuals from a certain parts of the country is a pointer to the fact that the intentions to disenfranchise the people are real and further confirm the fear of the party in Lagos.

Our party finds this act inimical to democracy because it prevents people from having the chance to choose their government. It is important for the people of Lagos to rise above this threat posed by these thugs loyal to the APC to continue their misrule and intimidation of citizen to achieve their selfish whims and caprices. We therefore urge everyone to go out and register and we also call on the various security agencies to rise to the occasion by providing adequate cover the INEC officials and everyone willing to exercise their civic rights.

The damage by these hoodlums and government agencies to the opposition billboards and defacing of banners and posters especially of our party PDP is also a pointer to the desperation of the party in the state which further validate our position that the APC is aware that the people have rejected their governance in the state and their new strategy is to resolve to intimidation of the preferred opposition party which our party PDP represents.

The leadership of our party will like to use this opportunity to urge our youths and everyone living in Lagos state to rise above the intimidation of the state sponsored thugs to come out using these two days to register for their PVC. We would also like to appeal to the youths that are been used to disrupt this process to see that the APC and the people using them do not love them and have no future for them. They should understand that their future in a working government that value their life is better than risking their lives for a rejected government that doesn’t care for them but use them for selfish benefits and empty promises that have kept them and their children impoverished to be used for election violence.

Hakeem Amode
PDP lagos state publicity secretary

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