Home Politics Elect Tinubu, join league of progressives to witness fast development, APC National Youth Leader urges voters in Rivers, Bayelsa

Elect Tinubu, join league of progressives to witness fast development, APC National Youth Leader urges voters in Rivers, Bayelsa

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Hon. Dayo Israel, the National Youth Leader of the APC, has enjoined young voters in Rivers and Bayelsa states to support the victory of the party’s presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, at the polls on Feb 25 to enjoy fast-paced development and the smart maximization of the states’ potentials, including mineral and geographical advantage, into economic empowerment and opportunities.

This was as he embarked on the south-south leg of his nationwide youth mobilization tour, with visits to the two key states where, together with local candidates and state excos of the party, he hosted town halls with interest groups and young mobilizers, visited major markets to canvass locally, and welcome fresh defectors into the party’s fold.

In Bayelsa, after productive engagements in Yenogoa the state’s capital, Israel journeyed through the creeks, travelling across Nembe to Brass where he engaged voters and solicited votes for the APC.

He assured residents of the riverine areas of Tinubu’s plans to complete the oil clean-up exercise started by the administration, and his commitment to mandate adherence to drilling regulations and other environmental safety measures, including regenerative investments by the government and oil companies to protect and guarantee the people’s livelihoods and economic wellbeing.

According to him, Bayelsa has the potential to spring forth another Eko Atlantic, the coastal city in Lagos envisioned by Tinubu to expand access to housing and attract investors, many of whom have since made Lagos their abode.

Another highlight of his visit to the oil-rich state was the defection of Chief Akanamo, a stalwart of the opposition PDP who dumped the party and pledged his allegiance to Bola Tinubu and other candidates of the APC in the state.

The respected chieftain commended the National Youth Leader’s devotion to the party’s success at the polls, noting that his visit to the state and the region at large has rallied the base and provided motivation for expansive mobilization as the country approaches the election.

Hon. Dayo Israel received similar commendation in Rivers State where he also led mobilization efforts, including a visit to the popular Oboi/Akpor market where he sensitized voters, encouraged participation, and encouraged support for the APC by explaining the ambitions of Tinubu to grow the economy and provide empowerment opportunities to women.

Just as he did in other states, Israel patronized the local market women, purchasing goods worth millions to boost their trade and stimulate local development based on multiple studies that revealed the strong correlation between increased income of women and improvement in child nutrition, school enrollment, and other socioeconomic factors.

Also in Rivers, he attended the Gokana LG rally in historic Ogoniland. At the event, he pleaded for support for the party’s candidates from the national to the local level and reiterated their enduring dedication to equitable growth and development.

In the company of local mobilizers, particularly members of the state chapter of the Jagaban FootSoldiers Movement, he visited all 17 villages in the local government where he engaged voters and secured their commitment to the party on Feb 25 and March 11.

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