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The Nigerian Constitution guarantees everyone the right to form and express an opinion. Citizens can produce, adopt, and share their opinions with this basic certainty.

“The press, radio, television, and other agencies of the mass media will at all times be free to maintain the fundamental objectives established in this Chapter and uphold the Government’s obligation and accountability to the people,” states Section 22 of the Constitution.

Against this backdrop, the press will have the right to research and propagate information freely to the citizens; while being protected in the course of this duty.

Therefore, Owners, editors, and reporters at Freedom Post will utilise these constitutional rights within the bounds of publishing only factual, balanced, unbiased, correct information that will assist individuals in making educated and responsible decisions about the democratic process and other public issues.



Our loyalty at Freedom Post will be to only those causes that enhances the common good of Nigeria while being concerned about her unity, wealth, and security.

We shall not allow any individual, group of individuals, or organization to utilise Freedom Post’s platform to further an agenda that undermines or contradicts Nigerians’ common interests.

Freedom Post shall at all times remain neutral regarding religious, ethnic, tribal, and political matters.



We shall remain factual, balanced, neutral or unbiased in our reportage.

We shall try to de-emphasise ethnicity, religion, gender, political, sexual orientation, racial, disability, etc., in the subject of our story except where we find it absolutely necessary.



Freedom Post will lead from the front matters of societal interest especially where it has to do with corruption, police/military brutality, terrorism, sexual and gender-based violence. 

We shall not fail to pursue all campaigns factually and without distortion or deliberate omission. 



Our journalist shall not film, interview, photograph children bellow age 18 without permission from the parents, or authority in charge, except for overriding public interest.

We shall not publish names, addresses or details of children who are victims of sexual exploitation, trafficking and abuse except for seeking justice which must be backed by judicial authority.



Our journalists shall not compel nor intimidate anyone to give information.

Our journalists shall not film citizen on private property without permission except when necessary for overriding public interest.

Our journalists shall always identify sources for a news story to give such news item credibility and believability. 

We shall also endeavor to protect the identity of persons who chose to volunteer information on condition of anonymity. 

Although, our editor as a matter of fact-finding may ask a journalist for the identity of an anonymous source but this will not in any way jeopardise  the confidentiality of such source.

We shall not coerce nor harass sources who had previously declined comment on an issue through whatever means.



There shall be retraction of publication that are found to be false while apology and explanation will be offered where necessary.



While we accept business promotions and other commercial contents, such content shall be subjected to scrutiny to ensure conformity to editorial standard before publication.

We can also publish content that are not entirely newsworthy if we find such unlikely to cause any harm and not in conflict with any of our editorial rules.

While we shall do our best to screen all contents submitted for advisement to ensure ethical standard, however, Freedom Post shall not take responsibility for any loss or damage suffered from the consumption of any product or service advertised on our platform, therefore, consumers’ discretion is highly advised.



All published content submitted by journalists, contributors, etc., become permanent property of Freedom Post Media Services which owns the copyright on such contents.

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At FP, we are committed to truly unbiased accounting of event or information without spin or slant. We strongly believe in an accurate depiction of what happened, is happening or is about to happen, presenting all sides while we remained neutral. To us, the death of straight journalism means the slippery slope of democracy.

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