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Dayo Israel The Youth who is Able to Straddle and Connect the World of the Rich and the Poor. – Esther Oyeyinka

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Upon assumption of office as the APC National Youth Leader Dayo Israel was immediately plunged into party activities, having to do so many things almost at the same time would have proved overwhelming to anybody who isn’t ready for the job. Not daunted he took up the mantle with joy as it is with workaholics like Dayo who often stays in his office till late night to attend to all who steps into his office, his office is always open to everyone regardless of their status, Dayo is one person who wants to please his constituents, regardless of the distance, his only constraint? finance, it came as rude shock to him that his office was not assigned a budget save allowances as an NWC member. Not to be deterred he began reaching out behind the Scene to all the people he knew both in the upper echelons, governors and in the private sector to help out because of his passion for the youths of the nation in general, he put his head down and went to work coming up with several programs which were successful, during the election Dayo was everywhere visiting with downtrodden and the ‘forgotten’ who thought nobody can remember them again, he visited with those whose villages were flooded and donated generously not minding that some of those journeys were perilous, he drove into Jimbam in Yobe state on the back of a truck with no brakes, going into territories where BH once held sway, And entered canoes without a life jacket because it was not available, but that did not deter him from going into the creeks of the Niger delta to tell them to vote for his President who he believes in so much, he once had to leave Taraba state at 4am in the morning because of the threat of attack, a threat which was so high his state youth leader had to make him leave at that hour because his visit resonated with youths of that state even though it was a PDP state, he went to the Eastern part of the Country despite the attacks on APC members, creating a structure famously called ‘The Jagaban Army’ which galvanized the youths across the country so much so that the opposition became threatened by it. Some of the APC youths whose names were published as Jagaban army members never thought APC could remember them again after working tirelessly for the party in the last administration. He travelled to some cities in Canoes and Ferry, and some in PJ along with members of the party who mostly before wouldn’t even have been called along for such a thrilling ride, giving them the hope that someday they can also achieve all these lifestyles if they can persevere.

If you are opportuned to be in a PJ and stay in a good hotel as a youth who would naturally not be exposed to such things it becomes a dream you feel you can fulfil by yourself, so even if you felt like things are not happening for you, looking at Dayo gives you some kind of hope that soon with hardwork and effort you can also get there. A man who knows how to Abase and Abound. Friend of the forgotten. Help of the helpless. He is a man who has had to surmount so many obstacles placed in his way while on his way to being where he is today, some of those things he will never be able to say in public.

Whatever angle you are looking at Dayo Isreal from it should be an angle of hope for the youths of this nation.

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